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Business Development / company matching

-  Already proven leads for sales and relationship development

-  Focus to bring partners and technologies together so both parties will benefit either for a particular project or for a long-term partnership  

-  Broad network in mining and civil construction industry

Mechanized Excavation Service

-  Expert service and support for mechanized tunnel and shaft excavation/sinking

-  Full realization of benefits of mechanized tunnel or shaft excavation

-  Support in technology, leadership, problem solving

-  Support in the planning phase, - Consulting during set up and commissioning, - support during operation,  - Personnel during operation, - Cutting tool    management, 

Consulting and Networking Partners



Cross-sectoral global networking, highly developed competence for all underground infrastructure projects



Tunneling expertise with 35 years of experience



Market expansion for technologies from different branches like infrastructure, energy, transport and med & food technology